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Hi, Justin here, thanks for visiting my website!

So here is the story: I spent 18 years playing bass in the Boston Pops. That was . . . a lot. You can read about it in my first book. But then I confess I got a little tired of always doing what some section leader or conductor told me to do, and so I struck out on my own, working all sorts of unusual jobs: TV score reader, impresario, video producer, playwright and author, and finally, my big goal, professional speaker.

People always ask me, "A speaker? So what do you speak about?" I confess, I always want to say, "Well, what did Mozart compose about?" It's an odd question, but I will answer it this way:

In 8th grade science class, they probably told you that electricity consists of electrons moving through a wire. This is incorrect. The electrons do move, but electrons are not electricity. The electrical charge rides-- at the speed of light-- on top of the electrons, using them like stepping stones.

So when I speak to a group, the "content"-- or what I talk about-- is simply the electrons. The main thing is to make the electricity flow through the audience. That feeling of collective crowd connection is delicious, and that, not "content," is (as Peter Drucker would say ) what the customer finds to be of value.

So when I appear as a guest speaker, I share my favorite amusing stories of my musician days:

But beyond the primary goal of creating "fun," I confess I am just very curious about why the world works the way it does, and why people behave the way they do. I share my observations, from the perspective of a bass player just trying to decipher unfamiliar cultures fast enough that I will not get fired.

In my many adventures as a bass player, TV score reader, author, playwright, and video producer, I constantly ran into situations and results that the usual books on success and management simply do not acknowledge or address. So my second book, "Principles of Applied Stupidity" explains why Arthur Fiedler, a man with virtually no talent, was the greatest conductor in history. It also considers why C Students make the best MBA candidates. My latest book, "Time Light Love," looks at the physics of emotional energy. Again, it's all about trying to decipher the genetic code of why people do the many odd things they do:

I am always eager to share my puzzlements with anyone who will listen, and I endlessly do so on my blog and on any podcast or radio/TV show that will have me.

So, if you'd like me to come and get that fabulous tribal group energy going, make people laugh, and maybe set the record straight on how a truly great conductor elicits top performances, or hire me to manage an unusual project, here I am.

Please feel free to call me at 781-330-8143, or email me at justinlocke1@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

"An abundance of charisma . . . " – The Boston Globe

“Justin Locke . . . borders on genius I think.” – Mary Richardson, WCVB-TV, Boston



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