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The Principles of Applied Stupidity

The Principles of Applied Stupidity are simple but effective "street smart" methods for transcending the limitations of "classroom conditioning" and scholarly learning. These are essential real-world tools and techniques for any manager, either of a company or of your own life. It will show you how to go around gatekeepers, "unfreeze" corporate cultural status quo, be a far more effective negotiator, and inspire your co-workers to maximum effort, all the while making everyone you meet love you because you make them all feel so deliciously superior!

These simple yet effective “people skills” can be used anywhere, whether you are the CEO or the new intern. They apply to leadership, management, communications, artistic endeavors, and more.

Read a sample chapter (on "Stupidity and Proper Procedure") here

Another video from the book, eliminating your training in being afraid to fail.

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Principles of Applied Stupidty

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